Small Three Wisemen Set - (1322-W)

by Holiday Lights
Our small Nativity Three Wise men set in lights is a key addition to our Small Nativity Scene. Designed by professional artist Gene V. Dougherty. Each display looks great facing either direction, so placement options around your Small Joseph, Mary and Child display are endless. Stake each sculpture in your yard and secure with Guy Wires (included) or hang them from the built-in hanging rings. Lights are commercial-grade. Made from durable rust-proof aluminum.


Size: 3.8'H x 5.5'W (set)

Weight: 11 lbs

Bulbs: 300 commercial minis 

Watts: 29


Be sure to change burned out bulbs with the extras provided! Leaving a burned out bulb in a strand reduces the life of the working bulbs, and will eventually cause an entire strand to fail.

If you live in a coastal area, be sure to rinse your display with fresh water at the end of each season before you store it for the off-season. Never store your display in the sun between seasons.