15" Starburst - 1044-N

by HolidayLights.com

Description for Starburst

Designed to hang from trees.  Lighting commercial-grade LED light strings.  Design to blend in with leaves and branches of trees during the day and illuminates during the evening giving a three-dimension soft LED look.  Comes in Blue, Pure White or Warm White 


Size: 15"

Weight: 0.91 kgs

Bulbs: Pro Series light, 50 bulbs per starburst 

Rating: UV Resistant and waterproof; rated for up to 50,000 hours

Water-tight, permanently locked LEDs (non replaceable)

If one LED fails, the others remain lit

Energy savings = 80% vs. incandescent miniatures

Virtually indestructible; less than 5 watts 


If you live in a coastal area, be sure to rinse your display with fresh water at the end of each season before you store it for the off-season. Never store your display in the sun between seasons.